Fathom a Smarter Decentralized Currency

Stable financial freedom for everyone, anytime, anywhere
Price-Stable FXD
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Borderless access to digital money with no discrimination for individuals and institutions.
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Deposit XDC & Real-World Assets | Mint FXD | Transact | Trade.
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Growing the Ecosystem

Fathom’s vision is to be at the center of the XDC ecosystem. Integrating with a variety of platforms such as staking, wallets, tokenization, and analytics is key to our success.

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Custody, settlement, fiat gateway.
Comtech Gold
Comtech Gold
Making Gold Easy to Own and Easy to Trade.
Software for trade finance distribution and investment
Stable yield-bearing financial instruments securely delivered as on-chain financial products.
Fluent Finance
Fluent Finance
Provides a two-way bridge between traditional finance and distributed ledgers via XDC stablecoin protocol
Funding Societies
Funding Societies
Financing and debt investment platform
Investment management company

Our tokens



  • 1 FXD is soft-pegged to 1 USD.
  • Deposit XDC to mint and borrow FXD.
  • Convert FXD to other stable assets on the Fathom DEX and/or with the brokers in our ecosystem.
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Governance tokenxdc3279dBEfABF3C6ac29d7ff24A6c46645f3F4403c
  • Lock FTHM to vote on protocol governance, including: incentivization, collateral onboarding, development, marketing.
  • FTHM is NOT used in the backing of FXD and is not required to use the protocol.


Native token
  • The base utility token of the XDC blockchain, functions as a currency to settle transactions.
  • Used in Fathom protocol as the first available collateral.
  • The XDC token can be currently acquired from various exchange platforms like KuCoin, Bittrex, Bitrue, Bitfinex, etc.
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Powered by XDC Network

Enterprise Ready Hybrid Blockchain for Global Trade & Finance. Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus network (XDPoS), enabling Hybrid Relay Bridges, Instant Block Finality and Interoperability with ISO20022 messaging standards, making its Hybrid Architecture developer- and institution friendly.

Instant Confirmation
< 2 sec
Transactions confirmed in second finality
Zero fee
Literally Zero for transaction gas fee
Transactions per second
2000++ TPS
0.0000074 TWh
99% Lower carbon footprint
Open-sourced, Permissionless & Decentralized
Multi-chain Scaling
For Developers & Node Operators
XDC Chain Application Sidechain (Private Subnets)


Fathom is a decentralized, community governed protocol. Locking FTHM tokens in our DAO vault will allow you to put forward proposals and vote on them

New Proposal

Verified and Audited

Audited by leading security firms, the security of the Fathom Protocol is the highest priority. Audits to commence in December 2022. Full audit reports will be shared with the community